Monday, January 18, 2010


So tell me whatchu want, whatchu really really want...

What I really really want is to magically wake up one day and
be a "runner"--if only that were possible. My list of excuses grows with each and every day, but I'm going to ignore the little voice in my head that says "you can't do this" from now on. I'm trying to get on a more regular running schedule, and now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, I'm more likely to head outside in the mornings instead of attempting to motivate my ass to get to the gym. A lot of times I feel pretty dumb when I'm passed by all the marathoners and svelte young college students as I slowly trod along the side of the road, half walking and half jogging. But, once I get past that pathetic feeling, I actually start to feel good about myself. Of course, having a killer soundtrack is another significant part of the's playlist was the GLEE soundtrack, and if you judge me I'll hurt you. I friggin love running to " Keep Holding On"--so cheesey, but I love it. Also on rotation is a little Lady Gaga...Crap, is this turning into an embarrassing music-appreciation post? Let's just say that I have fairly decent taste in music, but that I retain a fond love of cheesey pop music. So shut your yapper, you know you like some trashy music too!

Naturally, a post-run snacky snack is always essential, so after this mornings 3.5 mile run/walk I decided on something that would satisfy my cravings for chocolate and almond butter but that would also give me a boost for the rest of the day...and BEHOLD some epic Brownie Batter Protein Pancakes!

The recipe I used was based off of the Brownie Batter Pancakes that Miss CCV introduced to the world...but as per usual, I modified mine. It is pretty much guaranteed that I'm going to be missing an essential ingredient whenever I use a recipe, so I just accept it and attempt a substitution. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Today, it did! Yay!

Here's my version:

.25 cup white flour (had no whole wheat? wtf?)
.25 cup oats
1 scoop Vanilla Hemp Protein Powder (Katie calls for AmazinGrass powder but I don't own any, and I wanted some protein after my run!)
1 heaping tablespoon Dark Chocolate cocoa powder
A splash of Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Dream
A dash of vanilla
A generous squeeze of Agave
A BIG tablespoon of ABU
A pinch of salt
A dash of baking powder (also all out of baking soda. Sheesh. I need to get to the grocery store, stat.)
Enough water to make the batter...batter-y

Makes about 6 smallish pancakes, if you can stop licking the spoon for the batter. I ate 3 liberally slathered with more ABU. Obviously. I can't get enough of the stuff. I literally made this the minute I got home from my run, so please excuse the icky picture (taken with my handy webcam, since I left my camera at home, naturally.)

Anyway, I've been gleaning a lot of inspiration from Katie, for her chocolate-covered and seriously fun attitude for all things running AND vegan! In fact, while I was at home during Xmas break, I had so much fun making her Fudge Babies. I brought some to work every day for a tasty little snack, but many a person gave me funny looks for eating them--apparently they don't look too appetizing when they've been squashed inside my lunch bag...they don't know what they're missing, yo. Anyway, she's a fab blogger--so fab, that she's holding a giveaway for a VITA MIX!

I've been lusting after these kitchen gadgets for practically ever, but their $500 price tag really got me down. Now I'll have a chance to win one, and thus be as cool as all the bloggers who have one :)

Have a lovely MLK Day, friends.

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality."
---Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr


  1. Ok, you are awesome. That is all.

    Oh yeah, and seven entries for ya :)

  2. i believe that you stole that quote from my facebook...

  3. I believe I stole that quote from Martin Luther King, young miss.